Choosing Utah Luxury Transportation: Important Variables to Consider

Choosing Utah Luxury Transportation: Important Variables to Consider

If you're on the hunt for quality executive transportation or luxury chauffeur service, you have a number of options available to you. And just like any other area where you're hiring out for assistance from a third party, it pays to perform the proper research as you're making your choice.

At Black Car IQ, we're proud to offer the very best luxury transportation services in Utah and Las Vegas, with quality vehicles in our fleet and the very best chauffeurs in the business. We're also happy to be compared to others in our industry -- both because we want our prospective clients to get the very best in transportation services and, perhaps more importantly, because we firmly believe your research will lead you to realizing we're the best option to meet your needs. In this two-part blog series, we'll go over a number of variables to consider when you're evaluating your luxury transportation options, plus some general tips on how to steer clear of iffy chauffeur services and make the optimal choice.

Licensing and Insurance

First and foremost, you should absolutely never proceed with a prospective luxury transportation partner if they cannot provide the proper licensing and sufficient insurance coverage. The law varies from state to state, but in Utah at least, there is a clear distinction between companies that exclusively offer luxury transportation services and those who also operate as taxi or livery cab companies.

In either case, you'll want to know the details of what they're offering -- whether it's a limousine or sedan service, for example -- and the relevant documentation of licensing and insurance coverage will go a long way to telling you whether they comply with state laws regarding this particular industry.

The Condition of the Vehicles

Another important consideration is the state of the vehicles that will be transporting you. If your chauffeur pulls up in a vehicle that's in poor condition, it should be an immediate red flag. At Black Car IQ, we pride ourselves on our latest model year vehicles and drivers who take great care of their cars while on the clock.

Vehicle condition also relates directly to passenger safety, which is a vital consideration, particularly as some lesser-quality luxury transportation services may not have the same vehicle safety standards as those who are regularly inspected by state authorities.

Chauffeur Experience and Legitimacy

While you may not be able to learn everything about a given chauffeur before you meet them, one resource you do have is a knowledge of their experience level -- and the conditions under which they're allowed to operate. Again, in Utah, individuals are generally restricted from operating as a chauffeur if they have five or more DUIs over the past ten years. So it's important you find out whether your prospective driver has any DUI convictions within that time frame.

Additionally, knowing how much time a given chauffeur has been on the job can be important as well. A ten-year veteran of quality chauffeur services will be a sign of quality, as they're likely to have had training and be well-versed in the ins and outs of their role.

For more on how to choose the ideal luxury transportation service for your needs, or to learn about any of our shuttle or executive transportation services in Utah, speak to the pros at Black Car IQ today.